For those of you who do not know, Thursday was my last day at Bennetto. It is a bittersweet time for me as I am sad to leave the class that I have been with almost all school year, yet excited to start my journey at my new school. Thank you all very much for the honour of being your child’s teacher. I have enjoyed my time at Bennetto and I will miss the students and families very much. Good luck for the rest of the year and keep in touch!

Students are asked to bring in any materials that they have laying around the house that they could use to build their invention prototype (e.g. empty cereal boxes, string, plasticine, plastic cups, straws, etc.). Students will begin creating their prototype next week!

A sneak peak into what we will be doing soon: fractured fairy tales and a green screen! Can’t wait!

Today we began to explore inferencing, a reading strategy that involves going beyond the words that are written on the page. By using clues from the text and our prior knowledge we can “read between the lines” and draw conclusions.

Check out the example below:

“As I walked home I could feel the cool breeze on my face and hear the crunch of the leaves beneath my feet”.

We can infer that the story takes place in the fall because in the fall the weather gets cool and the leaves on the trees dry up and fall to the ground.

Today we took a look at some of the Norman Rockwell paintings shown below. What can you infer?

National Geographic for Kids

Young People’s Trust for the Environment

Seaworld Parks and Entertainment

Critter Corner

San Diego Zoo

Kids Info Bits

Pebble Go

This week we will be starting Bulldog’s Den, the Bennetto version of Dragon’s Den! Students will be brainstorming and creating an original invention and presenting it to the class.

Some things to consider:

– What problem does your invention solve?
– How would it work? What would it look like?
– Who is your target audience? Who would want to buy it?
– Who is your competition? Is there something similar already invented?
– Are there any safety/environmental concerns with your invention?

Take a look at the invention below:

We enjoyed making (and eating!) muffins and smoothies this morning with nursing students from McMaster!

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Beginning next week, students in 6A will be focusing on perspective while reading.

What is perspective? How does considering a character’s perspective make us better readers?

As we continue to dive deeper into media literacy, we are learning that we can’t always believe what we see! Check out these videos below:


Students are no longer permitted to have their cell phones during instructional time. Students are to either leave their devices in their lockers, or give them to the teacher to be put into the lock box.

Term 1 report cards are being sent home with students today (Tuesday, February 13).

Many students have completed their speeches and are now ready to practice! Cue cards have been given to the students at school to help them during their presentation. Students are encouraged to practice their speech each night at home. Speech presentations will take place Tuesday-Friday of next week.

Students have started to brain storm and create a cereal box for an original cereal. They must use persuasive techniques to encourage a target audience of their choice to purchase it.

Check out some of the cereal boxes below. Who do you think it the target audience? What persuasive techniques are used?

Speeches are well on their way! Students have chosen a topic, gathered research and are now starting to put together their body paragraphs.

Each phase of the speech-writing process has been modeled in class as we compose a speech on “Behind the Scenes at Disney World” together. Below is a picture of when we gathered research for each of our subtopics.

Students are welcome to work on and practice their speeches at home!

Words of the Week (Jan 22-Jan 25)

  1. except
  2. accept
  3. opinion
  4. certain
  5. since
  6. community
  7. compare
  8. piece
  9. usually
  10. heard
  11. emotion
  12. remember
  13. celebrate
  14. several
  15. population

In social studies, students continue to explore and compare communities in Canada. Below is a list that the class came up with of features that make a community unique.

Before the break, students were given a case study about a family moving from Mexico. Their job was to research Winnipeg, Manitoba and Hamilton, Ontario and determine which community would be best the family to move to based on their profile. This week, students have begun comparing Winnipeg, Manitoba and Attawapiskat, Ontario.

A new year calls for new activities! Starting this week, students will be participating in Think-it-Through Thursday. The class will be given something to think about each Thursday morning (a quote, a picture, an article) and participate in a class discussion about what we think it means, personal connections and how we can learn from it. Below are some of our thoughts from our first Think-it-Through Thursday.


Our grade six team has planned a trip to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum on Tuesday, January 16, 2018. The trip will be an engaging opportunity for students to learn about the principles of space and flight that align with curriculum expectations in science. Students will also be exploring and learning about many aircrafts, as they tour the remarkable display of war planes from World War I and II. The trip is completely subsidized and comes at no cost to students. In addition, a lunch will be provided for each student. Please sign and return all of the forms as soon as possible. We are looking forward to learning with your child in this exciting opportunity ahead.


Words of the Week (Jan 8-12)

  1. really
  2. favourite
  3. scare
  4. blend
  5. spray
  6. people
  7. quiet
  8. quite
  9. definitely
  10. maybe
  11. finally
  12. friend
  13. receive
  14. immediately
  15. successful
  16. tomorrow
  17. until
  18. unfortunately
  19. believe
  20. complete

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a fabulous winter break. I am looking forward to a new year filled with lots of learning! Here’s a little pep talk from Kid President to remind us to be AWESOME this year.



Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and happy winter break! See you in the new year!

Next week will be spirit week for staff and students at Bennetto!

  1. We will be running a holiday food drive starting tomorrow with our donations going to the Welcome Inn. Please bring in non-perishable food items if you are able
  2. Candy canes and hot chocolate will be handed out on Tuesday to those students who have submitted their orders. Proceeds will go to World Vision
  3. Classes will be participating in a door decorating competition. A class from each division will win a pizza party!
  4. Thursday will be an ugly sweater spirit day
  5. Friday will be a red and green spirit day

We have a lot to look forward to!

Winter break is just around the corner and that means celebrating Christmas for many students in our class. But there are several other holidays that are celebrated around the world that we know very little about. Today students began to research a holiday of their choice. When their research is complete, students will be presenting their findings to the class in a creative way (e.g. pamphlet, poster, slideshow, video, etc.). I am looking forward to learning more about a variety of traditions and celebrations!


Words of the Week (Dec 4-8)


Class 6A has been working on writing responses to questions about a reading. Below is the checklist that we have been using, as well as an example that the class put together as a whole group. The question was, “How is the first journal entry effective in creating a sense of adventure?” based on our reading of Iceberg Wranglers.

Words of the Week (Nov 27-Nov 30)


Pizza forms for the month of December went home today, as well as spirit wear forms for those who are interested!

Words of the Week (Nov 20-24)

Each of these words has a short i (ĭ), short o (ŏ), or short (ŭ) vowel sound.

  1. umbrella
  2. wilted
  3. shriveled
  4. injure
  5. ignite
  6. shimmer
  7. signal
  8. pondering
  9. longitude
  10. obscure
  11. nominate
  12. nonsense
  13. prong
  14. lodge
  15. spinning
  16. publish
  17. function
  18. ultimate
  19. punish
  20. pulse

This week we discussed the potential roles of individuals working in a group. Which roles are helpful and which roles are unhelpful?


Today we watched the short film “Soar”.

Students: share with your families your reaction the the film and how it relates to growth mindset.

Beginning this week, students will be assigned a specific set of words that they will be working with. The words of the week are words that students are expected to know in grade six. On Fridays, students will be tested on ten randomly selected words of the week. Although students will be working with these words in class, they are also encouraged to practice these words outside of school.

Each of this week’s words has a short a (ă)or short e (ĕ) vowel sound.
The /ă/ sound is the vowel you hear in the first syllable of the word apple.
The /ĕ/ sound is the vowel you hear at the beginning of the word egg.

Words of the week (Nov 13-27):

In preparation for Remembrance Day, the students in class 6A have been studying the poem “Got Your Back” by Autumn Parker. After analyzing the poem as a class, students broke off into groups and created tableaus to represent the unique perspectives of the child, spouse, parent and soldier. The poem is written below.

“I’ve Got Your Back!”

I am a small and precious child, my dad’s been sent to fight… 
The only place I’ll see his face, is in my dreams at night.
He will be gone too many days for my young mind to keep track.
I may be sad, but I am proud.
My daddy’s got your back.

I am a caring mother. My son has gone to war…
My mind is filled with worries that I have never known before.
Every day I try to keep my thoughts from turning black.
I may be scared, but I am proud.
My son has got your back.

I am a strong and loving wife, with a husband who had to go.
There are times I’m terrified in a way most never know.
I bite my lip, and force a smile as I watch my husband pack…
My heart may break, but I am proud.
My husband’s got your back…

I am a soldier, serving proudly, standing straight and tall.
I fight for freedom, yours and mine by answering this call.
I do my job while knowing, the thanks it sometimes lacks.
Say a prayer that I’ll come home.
It’s me who’s got your back.

by Autumn Parker. 

A reminder to students of what active listening looks like.

In Reading, students are focusing on making connections. Below are the three types of connections that students will be making to help increase their understanding of what they have read.

In Writing, students are working on composing descriptive paragraphs. So far, students have written a descriptive paragraph on a haunted house. This week students are writing a description of what the word peace means to them. Below is the checklist that students are using to help guide them as they are writing their descriptive paragraphs.

Descriptive Writing Checklist
□ I include a topic sentence to introduce my ideas
 I include details about what I see
 I Include details about what I hear
□ I include details about what I smell
□ I include details about what I taste
□ I include details about what I feel with my hands
□ I include details about what emotions I feel
□ I include a conclusion sentence to “wrap up” my ideas
□ I use “strong” and “juicy” words and expressions to enhance interest

 I use transition words between sentences (example: also, then, next, finally)
 I check my work over with C.U.P.S.

Students’ pictures went home today. If you are interested in ordering, please do so by Tuesday, November 14th. Picture re-take day will be on Monday, November 20th.

What words do you want people to use to describe you? Do your words and your actions align with how you want to be seen by others?

This week the class discussed what it means to think before we speak. Below is an image of all of the things we should consider before we say something aloud.

A reminder that this Friday is a P.A. day for parent-teacher interviews. There will be no classes for students. If you are interested in meeting with Ms. Allan or myself, please let us know as soon as possible.

Last week we watched the video below of Hamiltonians doing a small act of kindness by bringing coffee or tea to bus drivers around the city. After we watched the video, students brainstormed a list of people who they appreciate in their lives, as well as a list of small gestures that they could do to say “thanks” to these individuals. Below are just some of the ideas that the class came up with:

  1. Smile, say “hello”
  2. Ask how his/her day is going
  3. Give a hug/handshake/high five
  4. Offer to get him/her a drink
  5. Offer to help with what he/she is doing
  6. Hold the door open

What small thing have you done today to show someone that you care?