Due to the rain, Jump Rope for Heart has been rescheduled to tomorrow afternoon. Please dress accordingly! Also, please bring your forms and any money raised with you to school tomorrow.

Trip forms to The ROM were sent home earlier this week. Cash Online will be open for payments up until Sunday night. Please return those trip forms as soon as possible!


A great website for students to use as we explore time!

Students did a fabulous job presenting their inventions today! I am so proud of all of the hard work, dedication and creativity that went into these products. Well done to everyone! Below are the groups that presented today. We only have two more presentations left for Tuesday.

Have a great long weekend everyone!

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A reminder that forms are due Tuesday for those students who would like to order a sub.

Dundas Museum trip forms are also due on Tuesday for grade fives only. 

Finally, ROM trip forms will be going home Monday. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to help supervise our trip! Unfortunately we can only take four volunteers with us. We will draw names of those who have shown interest and I will notify parents whose names have been selected early next week!

We’ve begun to explore the terms inclusion and exclusion in drama this week. In small groups, students created tableaux of what these words mean to them.

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Thank you to everyone who volunteered to supervise our trip to the ROM this June. We are still trying to finalize a few things. More information will be coming shortly.

Sadie using the floor protractor and our cupboard door to measure angles!

Students working hard on their prototypes!

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Students have been working hard on brainstorming and marketing an original invention. They are asked to bring in any household items (e.g. cereal boxes, kleenex boxes, egg cartons, etc.) that they think they can use to build their prototype. We are hoping to begin constructing our inventions next week!

Also, students are asked to bring in a picture (i.e. from a magazine, newspaper, printed from online, etc) that is symmetrical. Students will be using this image for an art activity on Monday where they will cut the image in half and draw the other side. I have included some examples below.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!


A letter was sent home today to inform families that all grade 4 and 5 students will begin a unit on Human Development and Sexual Health on May 23. Each student’s form must be signed and returned to the school before May 23 in order for him or her participate in this unit. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mme. Komar.

Congratulations to Zofia and Dresdon who won awards at the assembly this morning for showing great improvement since the beginning of the year. Well done to both of you!



Class 4/5A has been putting their inferencing skills to work! Using clues from the text and their prior knowledge, students have been making quite insightful conclusions about various pictures and pieces of writing. The class inferred quite a bit about the paintings below by Norman Rockwell.  The students also took on the role of detectives this afternoon as they used their inferencing skills to solve mysteries.

Scientists in the school will be here tomorrow to facilitate workshops for the grade 4 and 5 students. If you still have not handed in the form and/or paid online, please do so tonight to ensure that everyone can participate! Cash Online will close at midnight tonight.

We have started geometry in math! We have been working on identifying and classifying two- and three-dimensional figures. We’ve been exploring the concepts of parallel lines, congruent shapes and acute, right and obtuse angles. We will soon be constructing our own three-dimensional shapes, and grade 5s will being measuring and constructing shapes using protractors!

Below are just a few pictures from the angle scavenger hunt that the students did around the classroom. We will also continue to work on the correct spelling of “angles” !


Playground graffiti!

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This Friday is another spirit day at Dundana! Wear any team jersey and join the fun!

We will be having an in-class field trip for all grade 4’s and 5’s on Tuesday, April 25. No need for buses or travel – instead our presenters will be coming right to the school for a half day of scientific exploration!   Scientists in the School presenters will be here on Tuesday, April 25 to deliver a half-day workshop about the Properties of Matter for the grade 5’s and Rocks and Minerals for the grade 4’s. These sessions will enhance our science curriculum content on these topics by giving students the opportunity to learn through hands-on activities.

Cost per student = $8 which is due on or before Monday, April 24 (Payment using Cash Online)

The grade 4 workshop requires 4 parent volunteers to make this presentation possible.  Volunteers will need to arrive at the school at approx. 8:45am to receive instructions.  The workshop will be about 2 1/2 hours long.

Thank you in advance for your support! Forms will be sent home with students tomorrow.

A reminder that there will be no school this Friday, April 14th or Monday, April 17th. Enjoy your extra long weekend!

Staff and students are encouraged to wear pink to school tomorrow (Wednesday, April 12) to celebrate diversity and raise awareness to stop all forms of bullying.

Check out the link here: Day of Pink

Our goal is to have EVERYONE in our class participating. Let’s search through our closets or borrow from a friend and show our commitment to being open-minded, respectful and accepting of all differences!


As the grade 5s continue to study the conservation of energy in science, they have been assigned to complete a home energy audit. Over the next week, grade 5 students are asked to take a look around their houses and evaluate the efficiency of household items such as windows, lightbulbs, appliances, etc. Once they have rated these  items, students are asked to write a short summary on their findings.

All instructions are outlined in the handout. This assignment will be due Wednesday, April 19th. Happy auditing!

Several students are bringing home unfinished work this weekend for homework. Interactive math notebooks and science duotangs must be up to date by Monday! Have a great weekend everyone!

Over the next several weeks, students will be working in groups on creating and marketing an original invention! The students will design an invention, consider their target audience and use presentation and marketing strategies to persuade the rest of the class to buy it. The students will create a logo, a slogan, and even make a prototype of their invention using everyday items. Below are a couple of videos that we watched in class about different inventions made by youth. Students are asked to brainstorm some ideas this weekend about their potential invention.

In math, the grade 4s and the grade 5s have been focusing on fractions. Below are some pictures of students using coloured tiles to create designs containing specific fractions (e.g. create a design that is 1/5 red, 1/3 blue and 2/15 yellow). The students discovered that there are several different ways to represent a fractional amount (equivalent fractions!).


We will continue to practice representing, comparing and ordering fractions using manipulatives, drawings, numbers and words. The class will be taking a look at decimals, and grade 5s will be working with improper fractions and mixed fractions.

Lunch Wizard forms are going home today. Please have the forms returned to the school by April 6.

Mme Leroeye’s class is supervising a school-wide food drive for Neighbour to Neighbour. Each class will be collecting donations from April 3 to April 13. The class that brings in the most donations will win a pizza party! Some of the most needed items include: oatmeal, peanut butter, low sugar cereals, canned fish and meats, canned vegetables, pasta sauce, whole grain crackers, powdered milk, fruit juice, unsweetened apple sauce, granola bars, rice, barely, grains, peas, lentils, beans, legumes, dried fruits, baby formula, diapers and toiletries. Let’s bring in as much as we can and help our neighbours in need!

On June 2nd we are hoping to take all of the grade 4 and 5 students to the ROM in Toronto. We are kindly asking our parent volunteers to confirm their availability. Please let me know if you are available to volunteer by writing a note in your child’s agenda. All volunteers need to have a current police check and have completed the in-school orientation before attending any scheduled trip. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

***We will not be able to go on the trip if we do not have enough parent volunteers.***

Thank you in advance!

Congratulations to our award winners at this morning’s assembly. Olivia and Liam won awards for self-regulation and Kyle and Grace won awards for French. Excellent job to all of you!

Both of the eaglets have hatched! Watch the hatch videos here:


This week we explored the idea of intended audience in media texts. We watched several television commercials and discussed who the commercials were geared toward, as well as some of the strategies that the advertisers used to draw the intended audience in.

Below are two advertisements that we watched for Canada’s Wonderland. The class agreed that even though the commercials are for the same thing, the intended audience is different. What do you think?

One of the eggs has begun to hatch! Below is the link to the live video and a few screenshots from this morning. Our class is very excited!


Today is the last day to order pizza on School Cash Online.

Talent show forms are due to the school on Thursday for those who are interested in participating. If students did not receive a from and would like one, I will have extra to hand out tomorrow.

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The grade 5s are in dire need of a volunteer for our trip this Wednesday. If you or someone you know is available to volunteer and has a valid police check we would greatly appreciate your help. The trip will take place this Wednesday from approximately 9:15am to 1:45pm. Please let me or the office know!

We have a lot coming up over the next week and a bit!

  1. A reminder that there is a P.A. day this Friday, March 3rd. Enjoy the long weekend!
  2. Monday, March 6th will be our second visit to Market Street arena for skating. Please remember to pack your skates and helmets and dress appropriately! If there are any family members who would be interested in volunteering and have a valid police check, please let me know.
  3. Wednesday, March 8th is the grade 5 trip to Green Venture’s Eco House.
  4. Friday, March 10th is twin day at Dundana. Students are encouraged to dress like a friend. Judges will come around in the morning to take a look at those who have participated. There will also be Kernel’s popcorn for sale during first nutrition break. Students can purchase a bag of popcorn for $2.

Let’s look forward to some fun-filled days before the March break!

Lunch Wizard forms went home today for all students. Trip forms to Green Venture’s Eco-House went home today as well for the grade 5’s only.

This week we began to look at writing summaries. Several students were unaware of the difference between a re-tell and a summary. While a re-tell includes all of the details from a text,  a summary is a shorter version that includes only the most important details. Today students were introduced to the SWBST model (someone, wanted, but, so, then). We used this model to write a summary together of the story 50 Below 0 by Robert Munsch. Students will continue to use this model to help them write summaries of other texts in the upcoming weeks.

Please remember to return the bottom half of the last page of the report card, as well as the envelope!

Over the next few weeks, the class will be checking in on the live eagle camera below. Feel free to check it out at home to see what is happening!



Scholastic orders went home today! If students are interested in purchasing a book, please have forms and money in by Friday, February 24th.